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Like any other festival it is associated with, one of the goals of this festival is to fight unfair competition.


Andromeda Film Festival can add the value it deserves to your movie thanks to its large network.


This is an International Cinema Community festival and its all rights reserved by ICC.


who are we?

Andromeda Film Festival is a film festival that was established under the International Cinema Community. Like any other festival it is associated with, one of the goals of this festival is to fight unfair competition. The involvement in of real filmmakers in festival management who are expertise in their field and seeking justice will put you in the location where you deserve at this festival. AFF, whose main principles include to create a future for the filmmakers, Based on this principle, it works to embrace all filmmakers, regardless of whether they are famous or not, to respond to their wishes and to solve filmmakers' problems. Because we respect labor, we always value every movie and never forget that they are "pieces". In the film eliminations, our doors will be open to the films which are in standard level of our festival and which we feel the labor. However, thanks to Laurel you will win, you will not only get it but also become part of a real festival and more.




Vadim Moskalenko - The Voices

Andy Patrizio - Suraya's War 

Robert Policicchio -  Imaginary Forces 

Richard Buswell - Order 86 

clyde bennett - Bert’s Luck

Mark Nahuysen - Cadenza 

Milo Reyes - Young (Young, Pink Haired, ... 

Katsuhide Yamago - Fufu 

Cecelia Condit - I've Been Afraid

Mathieu Gauvreau - The Feet Without the Mouth 

Craig Nisperos - Distance 

Sandeep Sharma - Magician of the Heart 

Rodney Simmons - Plan -Z

Lucy Fazely - Ed and Rooster's Great Adv...

Wigwolf - The Wet Ones 

Hamid Tamjidi - The Bird May Die

David Wittkower - Mustang Colt

David Joseph Flesh... - Child as A Boss

David Joseph Flesh...- Boy in His Thoughts

Brenda Sue Daly, ... - M.O.M. Squad

Paınt VK - Exchange Eternal 

Michael Wade John... - The Harbinger 

The Harbinger - The Resume 

Caleb Johnson, Cli... - Posi-Traction

Eric Bendross - Why Not You?! 

Raza Mallal - Espresso Yourself 

Puneet Gulati, San... - Cafe Choice

Kenya Cagle - My King 

Ray Brady - Dieabolical 

Migdia Skarsgard C... - When it rains...

Mark McDonald - Chain Of Events 

Goldie Krauss - Breasts and Thighs

Piero Cannata - Romance 

Melissa Skirboll - Greetings From Sarajevo 

Jillian Vitko  - HoneyDough


Sowmya Suresh - Multitasking 

Larry Weeks , Matt G... - Bluelines 

Andrew Cahill-Lloyd - Alien Traitor

Phillip Hollins - In Search of... Califia 

Mike Sorrinni - Behind The Wall 

Irina Masinovsky - Stay With Me 

Tobey Alexander - Timothy Scott: Shadow Island 

Dylan Rei - OBSCURE: Afterschool Trau... 


Justın Mulford I I Dead ... - Ryan Marcus

Sanjin Miric - 7000 Souls 

Lika Krylaeva  -  A Crazy Story 

Diana Mantis - Alone Again (naturally) 

Paul de Metairy - New Dawn - Teenagers 

Austin Webster - Supper 

Galo Semblantes - Legend of Tayos 

Yasong Wang - Daydreamer 

Luis Fernando Zubi... - Maria 

LeGrand Leseur - Grandmas & Ladybugs 

Page Peter Wilson - Self Serve 

William F. Reed - The Good Hearts Club 

Takis Panas - Shop 18 

Mark McDonald - Carl Mason 

Kenyon "Jigsaw" Pr... - The Plant 

Lovie Johnson - Your24... 

Eric Bendross - Love Conquers...

 Sanoj Mishra - Kashi To Kashmir 

Luke Walker, Vinni... - The Hike 

Christian Duran - 72 Hours 

Andrew Vandaele - Mi Casa su Blanca 

Yashwanth - Antharmadhanam

Gerry Manus - Angels Are Among Us


Alexander Bruckner - The Passenger

Wei Geng - Take me to the end of World

Sean Sweetlove Sw... - The Wald 

Massimo Zannoni - La Petite Folie

Gary Davies- Be Quiet 

Kent S. Leung - Death Row

Shivaan makker - Pastiche

Kevin R. Phipps - Granny's Treasures 

Jon Ebeling - Lizard Brain

Lika Krylaeva  - You're lucky

Chloe Belloc - Where he is

Geraldine Alluaume - Vanilla 

Francois Vacarisas - Bluestar 

Caleb Triana - I'm not like you 

YenJu Ethel Wu - Life Ink

Rostislav Vaynshtok - What Can Be Broken Should... 

Takaaki Watanabe - The Paradise Ship

Stephen Paul Cooke - Letter from Bobeyan

Leeron Revah - acceptancE 

Corbin Marshall, J... - Someone Worthy

Saunak Mitra - Exchange Offer 

Lexee Gordoun - Bad Beat

Peter Paul Basler - The Pragmatist

King Dawit - Tapeboy 

Adam Mackie - Few Of Many 

Markus Amadeus - The Shoes of Lady Lescaire


Gaston Rodriguez - Conceived without sin

MaJaMa - Bad CGI Sharks 

Zohar Ballas - A Unicorn in Tel Aviv 

Boogie Man - Andy Morahan

Anthony Von Seck - Limbo 

Nick Epstein - Die Like A Shark …

Jason Leal - Spindletop : The Beginning 

Luis Portocarrero L… - Circular Desert 

Javier Montes d’Arce - Flamboyanes 

Klaudia Lanka - Rose of Blood 

Olena N Kukhtareva - Turn Off The Gas

Austinn Harris - Let's Talk Numbers

Şahin Yiğit - Kıvra 'Afshars"

Matteo Scarfo - Pale Blue Dot: A Tale of Two ...

Josh Tickell , Rebeca... - Kiss the Ground

Lucy Morningstar ,... - Natalia Wolf

Vadim Moskalenko - Don't Joke With Love

Andres Ricaurte,…- A Guardian Before The Mirror

Claudia Bento, Gle... - Chapter Two

Joseph O Hooten - Us Mx

Vashmere Valentine - The Wish &The Wisp

Linda Wong - Black And Bitter

Lovie Johnson - The Sins

Alexander Bruckner - The Passenger

Anaelle Morf - Immersion

Keishi Suenaga - The Stars My Destination

Giorgi Tkemaladze - Romance

Nicolai Tegeler - Zu den Sternen

Lisanne Sweere - Brother 

Markus Amadeus S... - When Dusk Turns Dark

Vasileios Papatheo...  - Vasy's Odyssey


Jon Michaelson - The River You Step In

Kamran Qureshi - Only Love Matters

Yoni Goldstein - A Machıne To Live In

DkpitKdick - Zamal Paradise 

Ankur Das - Lost Wounds 

Eric Burton Ramsey - In the Company of Assassins

Marcela Recio - Mission: Dangerous 

Srikanth "Sri" Appal... - The Ant - The Love - and The...

Leandro Cordova -  C.I.A 

Caleb Johnson, Jeff... - Echo Rhyme 

Robert Butler - Life Ain't Like The Movies

Shadab Ahrnad- Consequence Karma 

Harlsh Kumar  - Soham

Cody Alexander Cu... - Suffocation

Ronald Dillard Jr. - A Monster 

Nancy Pop - Poets Are The Destroyers

Chen Chen - The Winter Solstice


Boogie Man - Andy Morahan

Jason Leal - Spindletop : The Beginning 

Şahin Yiğit - Kıvra 'Afshars"

Vashmere Valentine - The Wish &The Wisp

Keishi Suenaga - The Stars My Destination

Nicolai Tegeler - Zu den Sternen

Lisanne Sweere - Brother 

Jon Michaelson - The River You Step In

Cyril Delon - Before Christ

Yoram Ever-Hadani - Moon Drops

Shivaan Makker - Pastiche

Khaled El Kebich - Knights of the Fantasia 

Pandurang Krishn… - Bharat Maza Desh Aahe

Mark Rose , Mark… - Alaska Long Hunters


Zohar Ballas - A Unicorn in Tel Aviv 

Anthony von Seck - Limbo 

Javier Montes d’Arce - Flamboyanes 

Andres Ricaurte,… - A Guardian Before The Mirror

Claudia Bento, Gle... - Chapter Two

Lisanne Sweere - Brother 

Vasileios Papatheo... - Vasy's Odyssey

Wei Geng - Take Me To The End Of World

Ryan Marcus - Justın Mulford I I Dead ... 

Rogelio Melendez- The Little Girl Of The Flags 

Daniels Lopez Guer... - The Lady

Jon Michaelson - The Rıver You Step In

Jose Luis Gonzalez - Surfaces

Cyril Delon - Before ChrIst

Samir Kawas - The Hurl

Maros Triantafillakis - Just Like Water

Vadim Moskalenko - The Voices

Devin Hylton - Jim Ricks

Yoram Ever-Hadani - Moon Drops

Jordan Ellis - Crossing Over the Dark

Marc Baraciat - Eloise Lou

Sean Sweetlove Sw... - The Wald 

Alan Hamwan - A Martyr Of The Pen


Matteo Scarfo - Pale Blue Dot: A Tale of Two ...

Joseph O Hooten - Us Mx

Wei Geng - Take Me To The End Of World

Samir Kawas - The Hurl

Yoram Ever-Hadani - Moon Drops

James Alden Miller - The Adventures of R.I.E.B. 

Lev Zmanovskiy - Dynamic Memory 

Kent S. Leung - Death Row


Jose Luis Gonzalez - Surfaces

Neal Kennedy - Eyes Within You

Caleb Johnson - Echo Rhyme 

Fernando Hernandez - Virile

Sergio Herrera - The Strangest Fruit 

Massimo de Matth... - #universalseriallove

Cayron Eric - Faux Depart

Liam Sullivan - By Fiddler's Hill 

Jordan Anstatt - Max is Bleeding 

Ian Fowler - The Space Between Words 

Chander Mohan - Deep Fall 

Alessia Olivetti - Oltre Ogni Cosa 

Pasquale Riccio - Lettere Da Napoli Nord

Bishwas Balan - Kaaliraathri 

Riley Davis - 3 PM 

Andrew Connor - Tortured Soul 

Suresh Lakkoor - Devarakanassu- Dream of G... 

Ralph Isenberg... - "Four Motherless Children" 

Fareed Kairon - Undertow

Henry Riley, Blake ... - Nighthawks


Shashone Lambert ... - The Last Session

Martin Vrede Nielsen - Abandoned

Martin Vrede Nielsen - Things That Go Bump 

Max Aaron - a night in 

Neil Watson (V) - Pauper 

F.C.Rabbath - The Waiting 

Abraham Fieldsend - From the Dark They Come 

Nazmi Suhaimi - Myth 

Virlanwana Langgong - Tutuge 

Shreco Bakari, Ery... - The Ominous Project Univer... 

DW Medoff - Yahrzeit 

Dimitrios Karas - Athame 

Eric Bendross - KillerKravings 

Ray Brady - Afraid of the Dark 

Jimmy Womack - Alone + Together 

Christopher Johnson - Jacqueline   


Rogelio Melendez- The Little Girl Of The Flags 

Jordan Ellis - Crossing Over the Dark

Waide Riddle - Something Wicked Dwells 

Guy Ettlin- Spark  

Euncheon Lee - Caramel 

Lori H. Ersolmaz - Good Natured. Self-Evacuati...

Lori H. Ersolmaz - Good Natured. No Words 

Carole Dolan Weed - Artemisia 2021 

Richard Daniels - Nature Morte - Pandemic D...

Lisa Maydwell, Art… - Broken Branches 

Michael McCallum - Photalgia

Justin Snikkar - It's My Halloween Party (You... 

Martin Agudelo Ra... - Triptych of a Lost Lady 

Martin Gerigk - Otonashi 


Hernan Perera - The Minstrel

Avi Weissblei - Desert Tested

Przernyslaw Jan Chr... - Pilgrims of Divine Mercy 

Varda Bar-Kar - Fandango at the Wall

Ray Santisteban - The Beginning is Near: The ...

Sarah R Klearman - Do you see ?

Yıannis Laskaris - M 12

Hernan Perera - The Minstrel 

Oliver Wyld Rose Kyr - Become as little children 

Oluwaseyi Thomas - Wolf In His Belly 

Blake Higgins - The Light In My Darkness 

Talamieka W Brice - 5, A Mother's Journey 

Michael Douglas Ca... - Minnesota: The Modern Day... 

Marina Merkulova - In Vakhtangov's Footsteps 

Dan Lucas - Bob & The Maze 

Aaron Monsivais - Moises 

Boaz A. Rosenberg - CHANCEla The New Black 

Cameron Lee - Unspoken Casualties: The H... 

Marlee kcher, Ja... - Can I Askew a Question 

Ebin Raj Maliakal - Green Line 

Adriano Zecca - Return to the lost eden 

Khaled El Kebich - Knights of the Fantasia 

Viraf Kekobad - Mission Safeer 37 Days To F...

Kassy Gascho, Mel... - Missed Connections 

Renelinda Arana B... - Sandra's Return 

James Fink-Jensen - Influencer


LaIlan Samaroo, L... - Fruitville

Marijke De Belie - Feminam

Jacob DAmour - I Am Alone, and I Am Afraid

Neta Cohen - Six To Six

Steve Nguyen - Lonely Whale

Stephan Leeper - Fire Flower

Igor Imhoff- Wild Times

Igor Imhoff - Dummy

Imhoff Igor - Lunakid-Bleed

Alex Stathis, Devin... - The Hitman's Brother 

Cory Kerr - Be Mine    

David Joseph Fles... - Rejection

David Joseph Flesh... - Global Warming-Penguins

David Joseph Flesh... - Thanksgiving Day 

Mohammad Shiha... - Tomorrow, An Animated Film... 

Eva M. Ingolfsdottir - Orion 1925

Taylor Bazile, Will ... - Illegitimate Voice 

Hermann Kayode - Lonely Girl

Hermann Kayode - Mark of Love : Celestial Buri... 

Mario Duran Araujo - Black Widow: Forever Red

Ed Roman, Nelson... - Red Omen - Ed Roman 

Dylan Rei - Hatsukoi

Nicolas P. Villarreal- On / Off


Cory Kerr - Be Mine    

Conny Conrad - My CarGuitar

Levi Wise Catoe Jr. - Friends


MaJaMa - Bad CGI Sharks 

Javier Montes d’Arce - Flamboyanes 

Alexander Bruckner - The Passenger

Ankur Das - Lost Wounds 

Avi Weissblei - Desert Tested

Neal Kennedy - Eyes Wıthin You

  1. Christian Anders...- Pensando dernasiado

Venkata Subba Rao... - Mark 

Gary Davies - Be Quiet 

Caleb Johnson - Echo Rhyme 


Hernan Perera - The Minstrel

Massimo Zannoni - La Petite Folie

Waide Riddle - Something Wicked Dwells 

Sanjin Miric - 7000 Souls 

David Fleshrnan - Flower and beauty

Manos Triantafillakis - Just Like Water

Vashmere Valenti... - Mona

JW Richardson - Photography Project (B/W) 

Aleksandar Tomovski - The Paradox 

Lukas Van Loon - Frozen Chaos

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